With so many grades of human hair extensions on the market today, you may become confused about the best hair to buy. The truth is, finding good hair is difficult, and with lots of grading on hair, it has even become a herculean task to figure out which hair type is the best option.

Over the years, human hair extensions have been grouped by many vendors under the categories; 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A e.t.c. This is used as a marketing tactic in selling hair to customers.

These grades of hair are classified by vendors as;

5A: Non-remy hair, suitable for low-class market.

6A: Remy hair, and cuticle in the same direction.

6A+: (Thicker hair than 6A at the bottom, that means 6A has more short hair mixed in the bundle

7A: Same quality as 6a, and 6A+, but thicker hair than 6A and 6a+

7a+: Same quality as above hair, but very slightly short hair in the bundles.

Human hair according to grades
Which hair grade is the best

Unfortunately, there is no best hair grade. Like we said earlier, this whole sham of graded hair is a way by which vendors try to get the trust of their customers by portraying one hair type as better quality. Grading hair implies that one grade of hair is better off than the other or more pocket-friendly. But the truth about this is, some vendors sell lower quality hair as premium under the disguise of 10A (grade hair) which is classified as the best by some vendors.

For instance, buying graded hair is like buying a replica Chanel bag. Let’s assume there are three vendors. Vendor A is selling it at $10, vendor B is selling for $20 and vendor C is selling for $30 for the same piece.

Then you bought from Vendor C who gives the impression that theirs is the best grade of the Chanel imitation because of the price. Meanwhile, it isn’t even an authentic Chanel.

This is to say that most of this hair isn’t the original rather it is a convenient price tag for buyers to choose what they can afford.

In other words, some hair types on the market weighed by grades are the same (some are mixed with synthetic fiber.) Although there might be a difference in quality but going by the grades, it is just a market strategy.

Some vendors make one hair grade better than the other with a difference in their price tag because a grade 3A isn’t the same price with a grade 4A. We will advise you just forget the grading system when you want to get your hair as it isn’t exactly what it is.

Which hair should you buy

Looking for the best hair to buy? Then raw/human hair cut from a single donor (a real human being just like you) is what you should always go for. This hair is the Purest hair on the market today. No matter what grade some vendors portray each of their hair as the best. If it’s not authentic human hair/raw hair then it ‘s not the best.

Dellahs Raw Cambodian wavy

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Let’s look at some features that make this hair the best.

Raw hair is the purest hair type on the market because it is UNPROCESSED hair. Unlike other hair, it has never been altered, chemically treated, steamed to change its natural state.


Raw hair smells like your clean natural hair since it hasn’t been chemically processed. it doesn’t give off a foul smell like other hair that has been chemically processed. Most other hair types on the other hand give off a terrible smell as they have had to undergo a lot of processes to achieve their silky, shiny look.

Amount of donors

Raw hair is known to be collected from a single donor. (A real human being) While other hair types may be collected from multiple donors. In some cases, other hair types are made from hairballs, fallen hair or remnants collected from salons. Which are stretched out, then mixed with synthetic fibers to give the hair volume.


Raw hair has a natural hair colour known as colour 1b or 2 and not dark or jet black like other hair. Most donors don’t have jet black hair and therefore, authentic raw hair will come in its natural colour.


Raw hair is more coarse in nature which makes it the best hair to hold a curl. Other hair types are very silky because of the silicones that may have been used in its processing, to make it shine. And because of its silkiness, it doesn’t hold curl as long as raw hair does.


Raw hair cuticles are intact and naturally aligned in the same direction, which reduces the risk of matting and tangling. While processed hair may have possibly damaged cuticles.

Double drawn

Raw hair is mostly double drawn which means it had undergone an additional process during sorting, whereby shorter hairs were removed by hand, making it thick from top to bottom. Whereas, other hair types have a lot of shorter hair making the whole hair thin at the bottom.

Single vs double drawn
Single drawn vs. double drawn

Remember there is no best hair grade. It can only be raw/human hair.

We hope this article was helpful? Let us know in the comment section.

Happy hair day Queens! xx

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