Heard of Cambodian hair yet? Human hair extensions are becoming a popular choice for many women. Sometimes, it might be difficult choosing the best hair for yourself considering the number of hair types that exist on the market.

Most authentic human hair extensions on the market are either from Cambodia, Burma, India, or Vietnam because that’s where most hair donors come from. Although some hair types are from China as well but not authentic because a lot of hairballs and synthetic fiber are used when processing hair.

Authentic human hair is from the above-listed places, however, these hair types are not the same as they have distinct features that make each and one of them different from others. In this article, we will look at Cambodian hair and all of its features to enable you to make the right choice on your next hair purchase.

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What is Cambodian Hair

Cambodian hair is hair collected from Cambodian donors. This hair type comes in three main textures, namely straight, wavy and curly. Which is ethically collected from human donors.

This hair type equally come in either long or short form. Its texture most times depends on the hair texture of the donor as some can be, long with a natural wavy flow. While on the other hand, it can be short wavy or curly.

It is naturally and lusciously gorgeous. At the same time, it is incredibly lightweight, which enables you to add in your natural hair if you wish. Moreso, Cambodian hair is durable and lasts longer than most other hair types.

Additionally, this type of hair extensions could be treated like your natural hair and they are easier to blend with your style. You can wash, shampoo, cut and color them in whatever way you want.

Features of Cambodian Hair
  1. Texture

While other hair type like Vietnamese hair is well-known for its softness, Cambodian hair is known for its three textures and smoothness. It is a popular option for many women because its texture blends well with almost all hair types. Also, it doesn’t tangle and that’s less time you have to spend brushing or combing.

Additionally, Cambodian hair is slightly coarse in nature which makes it the best hair to hold a curl. Its texture enables it to hold a curl for about 2 weeks whereby other hair types can’t. Equally, it withstands more heat than most hair types.

Raw hair after curling
Raw Cambodian Hair after curling
2. Healthy Cuticles

Cambodian hair is collected from a hair donor, and it has never been processed or chemically treated. Its cuticles are usually intact and naturally aligned in the same direction which reduces the risk of matting and tangling.

3. Less Grey Hair

Most Cambodian women give their hair special treatments that keep their hair strong and healthy. These treatments come with no chemical products. Equally, they live on a good diet that is good for their hair. For example, Cambodian women adorn their hair with natural shampoos and conditioners such as coconut and palm oil.

4. Natural Colour

Cambodian hair, in particular, has a genuine natural colour which is a milder shade of black. Vendors call this Colour 1b or off black. Sometimes it can come in a softer shade of black called colour 2.

5. Colouring and Bleaching

This particular hair type is the best when it comes to colouring and bleaching. Cambodian hair takes to bleaching and/or colouring very well but, however, we strongly advised that it should be done by a professional, using good quality colouring materials.

Bulk hair
Bleached Cambodian Hair
6. Hair Smell

All raw hair is supposed to have a clean natural smell when you receive it since it’s from another human being just like you. It doesn’t have the machine-made synthetic smell that most other hair types on the market smell like.

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