You must have asked yourself, what’s the best hair on the market today? Or what is raw hair even? Whether you are planning on getting a new hair extension or wanting to know which hair is the best as a hair lover, this article is going to answer that.

With the amount of sham in the hair industry today, it is quite easy to be misled into buying human hair mixed with synthetic fiber as authentic hair even at ridiculous prices. Watch out for fakes sis!

The best hair on the market today is RAW HAIR, not virgin hair, Remy, nor any other hair portrayed by some vendors in the name of the original. Raw hair collected from a donor (real human being) is the best extension on the market. Be informed!

Why raw hair is the best

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair collected from one donor. It is natural-looking and feels just like your own natural hair, equally it blends well with all hair types. Which makes it the purest and most natural weave on the market today.

Listen, there are many reasons raw hair is classified as the best. Let’s look at all the points that make this hair extension the best.

One single donor

Each bundle of Raw hair is collected from a single donor. This means it is always unique as no two bundles are the same. Although some vendors mix the hair- this is not to say it becomes bad. But then all the strands of the hair will be different.

When it comes to multiple hair donors, the ages and the hair types of women differ and can alter the hair pattern. And once they have been mixed the hair won’t be uniform. Therefore, we advise you to confirm from your vendor that your hair is collected from a single donor and not multiple donors.

Hair donor
Single hair donor
Superb texture

One undeniably great quality of raw hair is its texture which is more coarse in nature. Other hair types can’t boast of this quality, not even your Remy or virgin hair. Why coarse texture is the very best is, if you are into curls, it holds more curls than any kind of hair. Also, coarse hair withstands more heat than the rest. Which means raw hair is the perfect hair for multiple styling.

Another thing you should know about raw hair is, it comes in three types which are s usually straight, wavy and curly.

Double Drawn

Raw hair is Double drawn. It is the same length from root to tip. You don’t want to wear hair with thin ends, do you?

Double drawn is an additional process during sorting, whereby shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. Making it full and thick from root to tip.

Dellahs raw hair
Double wefted

Good quality raw hair is always double wefted. Single wefted hair most likely shed and doesn’t last long. Most of it comes as double wefted this makes the hair secure the strands in place especially during brushing and washing. Additionally, when hair is double wefted it makes sure there are no strands sticking out at the top and at the edges of the weft.

Healthy cuticles

Raw hair cuticles are always intact and naturally aligned in the same direction which reduces the risk of matting and tangling. Processed hair may have fewer and possibly damaged cuticles. To make sure you are buying the original, always run your fingers through, very gently from the root to tip and vice versa to check if the cuticles are intact.

Natural Smell

Raw hair is from another human being like you so it should have a clean natural smell when you receive it and not the machine-made synthetic smell that most hairs on the market smell like.

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